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Rotary atomizers for spray drying,

flue gas cleaning and absorbers


General information Rotary atomizer are high quality machines, which are constructed in a similar type.. [...more] 
Types of drive Three different systems of drive types for the rotary atomizers are popular and used in the applications.. [...more]


Types of rotary atomizers

AF  type
The rotary atomizers AF type is our own type and brand name.[...more] 

TC type
The rotary atomizers TC type produced by the HANS G. WERNER company are compatible to rotary atomizers of Anhydro. [...more] 

CT type

The rotary atomizers CT type produced by the HANS G. WERNER company are compatible to rotary atomizers F-type of Niro [...more] 

Atomizer wheels For the different applications and specifications of powders serveral types of atomizer wheels can be used [...more]

Vibration control Vibro-Control is a system for controlling the vibrations of the rotary atomizer [...more]

Lubrication system Low pressure lubrication system, air assisted [...more]

Spare parts and wear parts

Spindles, atomizer wheels, nozzle inserts, bearings, etc. [... more] 

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