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Dear internet visitor,

Here you can find an overview about our range of products in the division of energy technologies. If you need further information about our products or some assistance in finding the right products, please don't hesitade to contact our export manager Mrs. Ria Huber. Click here for e-mail to export manager of Werner company.


Controlling and Measuring Instruments

- BACHARACH Gas burner combustion testing kit
- BACHARACH Oil burner combustion testing Kit
- werco Smoke tester
- Pressure differential manometer, Pressure differential analyzer
- Digital thermometer
- WERNER ZDM inclined manometer
- Combustion analyzer computer, Exhaust analyser
- testo measuring equipment

Oil Burner Accessories

- Oil nozzles (Danfoss, Delavan, Fluidics, Steinen)
- Nozzle holder, Nozzle dropstop, Nozzle storage kits
- Oil induction pumps, Pumptest standard test sets
- Oil burner pumps (Suntec, Danfoss, Eckerle)
- Oil burner tester, Oil firing devices (Satronic, Landys & Stefa, Danfoss)
- Oil burner flange motors, Universal oil burner motors
- Universal ignition transformers
- Oil meters (Kent, Braun Aquametro VZO)
- Magneto valves, Leakage alarm devices,
- Flow control, Fuel oil filter, Hose pipe assemblies
- Fuel oil tank heaters, Strip heaters, Temperature r

Motorized Oil Fed Pumps and Accessories

- Motorized oil fed pumps, several models
- Motor protective switches, Vacuum and pressure gauge
- Pressure stop valves, Pressure regulating valves, Overflow valves
- Check valves, Foot valves
- Leveling control equipment

Accessories for Gas and Central Heating

- Universal thermocouples
- Gas firing control boxes (Landys & Stefa, Satronic)
- Ball valves, Manometers, Safety valves, Pressure reducing valves
- Universal security and control combination valves (Honeywell)
- Smoke and gas alarm,
Gas measuring instruments
- Motorized zone valve, Pressure manometer

Cleaning Accessories

- Vacuum cleaners for boilers or industry
- Cleanser detergent, kessy Powder non lipid, High pressure atomizers
- Boiler and smoke stack cleaning instruments, Brushes, Spiral wire brushes, sev. types
- Sweeper, Brush adapter for electric drills and many other helpfully items.